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Godriguezart (Mark Rodriguez)

brandon, fl

i am not a god, but i play one in photoshop

i am not a god, but i play one in photoshop

i am a Tampa, Florida based artist. I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, prop builder...to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things.

i want to create t-shirt designs and other merchandise that reflects the way i see the world and love to mashup what i see. my work is dark, humorous, thought-provoking–and at times–controversial. mashing pop culture references, darkart, horror movies, and even music i try to spin designs into something truly unique

i try to take a different look at the world and see what i can do to push myself as an artist in my various mediums. in my work i like to explore conceptual and creative thinking pieces, as well as ones that just make you laugh...i for one am never afraid to laugh at myself via my artwork

i am on most social media as godriguezart