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i am not a god, but i play one in photoshop

i am not a god, but i play one in photoshop

i am a Tampa, Florida based artist. I am a photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, prop builder...to sum it up i'm an artist and i like to create things. I spent my studies at the Art institute of Atlanta where I earned my BFA in Graphic design with minor studies in animation. I have my own freelance design company called Godriguezart and also create animations and do character voice over work for www.whyu.org

i have received awards for my animation and design work from both the ADDYs and Communication Arts magazine as well as being the recipient of the Best in show at the 2015 Photoshopworld Guru awards for my photography work

i try to take a different look at the world and see what i can do to push myself as an artist in my various mediums. in my work i like to explore conceptual and creative thinking pieces, as well as ones that just make you laugh...i for one am never afraid to laugh at myself via my artwork

i am on most social media as godriguezart